MistDrop Anti-Gravity Water Droplet Humidifier

MistDrop  Anti-Gravity Water Droplet Humidifier

MistDrop Anti-Gravity Water Droplet Humidifier

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Add Moisture To The Air

Breathe comfortable and moisturize your skin by simply lounging at home. Our premium MistDrop humidifier sprays a fine mist into the air that hydrates your skin and helps you breathe with ease.

To make things better, the MistDrop comes with a LED smart display that tells you the time and mode changes. Not only that, but the MistDrop is a beautiful display piece to place in every room.

Key Benefits

Powerful Humidifying - Even with its compact size, the MistDrop can fill a whole room with moisture. This is especially important during the dry seasons of the year.

Anti-Gravity Feature - The MistDrop comes with a gravity defying feature that will surely entertain you. You'll see droplets rise to the top and turn into mist.

Compact Design - With its compact design, the MistDrop is perfect to place on any tabletop. It doesn't take up too much space, making it perfect for bedroom use.

Automatic Shut Off - This amazing humidifier automatically shuts off after 8 hours of continuous use. It protects the machine from overheating or breaking down.

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