Wiederverwendbare Premium-Welpenpads

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Die Unterseite dieser strapazierfähigen Welpenunterlage besteht aus rutschfestem Silikagel. Die auslaufsichere, rutschfeste Unterseite sorgt dafür, dass Ihre Böden trocken bleiben und nicht verrutschen. 



Verzichten Sie auf Plastik, sparen Sie Geld und schonen Sie die Umwelt mit Wiederverwendbare Premium-Welpenpads! 


Size - CM Perfekt für
39.4x59.7 Kleine Hunde
69.8 x 80 Mittlere Hunde
Groß 80 x 90.2  Große Hunde

Long Description

What is a Washable Puppy Pad?

Sometimes you need a hose 🤢.... for all those other times you need DryPaws Reusable Accident-Proof Washable Puppy Pads for the rest of the time.

The Dog Training Mat is a pad that instructs your puppy on where to pee. You can pick between two types. The first is the standard disposable training pad, which you discard after each usage. The other is a machine-washable puppy training pad. It may be washed and reused, which is beneficial for the environment. DryPaws' Puppy Pads are a one-of-a-kind three-layer construction that prevents leaking, odour, and tracking of dog waste. It is durable, machine-washable, and built to withstand whatever your furry friend can throw at it. So allow your pet to sit with you whenever and wherever you choose!

Why You Should Use Washable Puppy Pads?

Until a dog is 16 weeks old, he can not manage his bladder. So, no matter how much you push, he won't be able to wait. Taking them out there at night would be difficult. This may be too challenging for senior citizens or apartment dwellers. If you don't have a garden and your dog uses a public restroom, you may want to limit your puppy's access until he's fully vaccinated. Washable Puppy pads can be helpful in these instances. Puppy pads that can be washed are fantastic. It is environmentally safe and does not include the harsh chemicals found in throwaway products. As a result, it will not irritate the skin.


Differences Between Washable Puppy Pads and Disposable Pee Pads

The cost of washable puppy pads is high. However, it is a form of investment. You may use it for a long time because it is reusable and sturdy. On the other hand, disposable packets are less expensive initially but end up being far more costly in the long term.

DryPaws' reusable ones can withstand chewing. However, disposable ones can be easily torn.

The use of a reusable dog pad is environmentally friendly. They're constructed of biodegradable materials. Disposable ones, on the other hand, are not biodegradable. A single Large Washable Dog Pee Pad, according to tests, can replace 200 or more disposable pads.

How to Use Puppy Pads?

Place the washable puppy pads in a comfortable setting. Take them to the pad. Use a specific phrase. Don't use a lot of terms. They may become perplexed. Allow them to explore and familiarise themselves with the pad. Don't punish them if something goes wrong. Give them their favorite snacks and compliment them if they did it correctly. You may need to use a harness to keep your puppy from interfering with the pad or running away. Maintain a schedule for your puppy. You'll be able to predict when your dog needs to go potty as a result of this.

How to Wash Reusable Puppy Pads? 

The puppy pad's poop should be hosed down. After that, just chuck it in the washer. No bleach, fabric softener, or other chemicals should be used. These products might damage the material, causing discomfort to the skin. Use cold water and a light detergent instead. Turn it on at a slow and steady pace. It should be allowed to air dry. The pad is now ready to be used once more.

Why Should You Buy from Dry Paws?

Having a dog is stress-relieving. But we know that we have to do a lot of work. So DryPaws always tries to make it a bit easier for you. Our washable puppy pads are of premium quality. It will be one of the essential parts of your house. It is machine washable, which makes it easier to maintain. Its multilayer absorbs better than the disposable one. Visit DryPaws to explore other products.

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