Cartoon Baby Accordion Toy

Cartoon Baby Accordion Toy

Cartoon Baby Accordion Toy

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Unique Design

Designed with handles that are easy to grab, it’s perfect for little hands to play, soft and easy for babies to push and pull. When the baby pulls the toy it makes accordion sounds, when grabbing the tail the rattling paper brings a different rustle to stimulate the baby's senses. Tap the fox's body and it will make fun sound effects. Press the fox's nose to play your baby's favorite songs.

Develops Babies' Senses

Newborn babies are very new to the world, especially to sound, so giving them the right kind of sound stimulation helps their senses to develop. The Cartoon Fox Accordion Toy attracts children's attention, keeps them entertained, and is good for early education, enhancing a child’s interactivity skills.

Wide Applicability 

The small size of the Fox is suitable for hanging on a crib, stroller, or car. It allows you to concentrate while driving and keeps your baby entertained and also keeps them from crying even when they are in the back seat by themselves. The perfect companion for your child on the go.

What Makes It So Special

  • Baby Music Enlightenment
  • Easy To Grip
  • Easy To Carry
  • Wide Applicability
  • High-Quality Safe Material 
  • Bright Colors
  • Fun Music
  • Cute Fox Shape


1. Fox accordion, lets babies explore more instruments

2.The sound is pleasant and full, saturated color, attracting the baby's attention

3.Cute fox shape, simulated accordion design

4.Exercise the flexibility and grasping ability of the baby's fingers and enhance the baby's arm strength

5.A variety of cute sound effects to attract the baby's attention, turn on the back switch, press the little fox nose to switch the sound effect

What's Included:

  • 1PC Toy (Without Battery)
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